When can we expect to see PlayStation 5 and what do we want to see?

Believe it or not, Sony Playstation 4 is just about to turn 4 this November. It’s been quite some time since we’ve first heard the news of the “upcoming next-gen console from Sony” and I for one believe that the next console is just around the corner, or at least it’s announcement.

There have been some confirmation from the Sony’s representatives and even from the people up-high in the Playstation’s hierarchy that we are most definitely going to get a new generation of Playstation consoles. But we already knew that. We are more interested in “when” rather than the pretty much already known “if”. Well, so far the only real date that we got was not even a date but a year actually. It is said that we can expect to see PS5 around 2019/20 although, as the Sony conference draws near, we can’t help but think that there’s a next Playstation console lurking close by. We certainly hope that’s the case.

If that does happen to be the case, what should we expect to see? Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty sure what I want and what I absolutely don’t want to see.


Backward compatibility

For once, backwards compatibility or the addition of PS4 library (as well as the older generation of PS games) to Playstation NOW is absolutely a must! There are so many amazing games from the current generation that many people would definitely love to revisit and that PS newcomers should most definitely be allowed to experience. Modern classics like Bloodborne, the amazing Horizon: Zero Dawn as well as may other non-exclusive games should and must be accessible on the upcoming console.


Updates and modifications to PSN structure

PSN is getting better, that much is certain but it’s still far from the accessible and unrestrictive structure of the PC platforms like GOG or Steam. Why are we still not allowed to purchase and send games to our friends for example?

How come I can’t play a game online without he PS Gold membership when the same game is available on PC without any compensation whatsoever after the initial purchase?! Sure, free games every month are a nice addition but Sony has to realize that some people don’t care or can’t manage to play all those games or simply don’t want to. Because of that, it’s extremely important that what we actually want to play is made as accessible as possible.


Don’t focus on VR as the consoles strongest asset

VR is cool, yes, it’s cool. However it’s an experimental feature still and even polished it’s but a fancy gimmick that people are hyped about because of our sci-fi fantasies. It’s fun for a while but then you realize that all of the games are made around the same basis and that it’s still far from being able to allowing us a thrilling experience that a traditionally made game can.


Performance and optimization

Yes, it’s hard to compete with PC but if you want to stand a chance, Sony, please, do not lock your games on 30FPS @ 1080p. It’s almost 2018 and people love their 144Hz 4K monitors. Allow us to play the way we want to. I am the first one who absolutely does not care about 4K and/or >144Hz refresh rates but I’m pretty sure that there are people who hold this dear.


I guess all we can do is to patiently wait for the upcoming Playstation Experience that will be held on December 9th through 10th and see what they’ve prepared for us.