Prices of Skins in Videogames

Undoubtedly there is no gamer who didn’t get a glimpse off digital goodies sold in various online games. Recently though they’re even trying to sell digital goods, and I use the term goods very loosely here in single player games, like the recent Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which deliberately tries to sell cheats. Like, I’m fine with people cheating in games but for Christ sakes ask money for cheats, just put them in a game like in good old days.


I’m leaning off topic this is not what I’m here to talk about today, what really bugs me and what I would like to point out in case anybody cares are those digital items which are present in pretty much every modern multiplayer or MMO game, specifically I would like to talk about Counterstrike: Global Operation and its weapon skins.

I was surprised and shocked both when I realized that there are people who are actually willing to pay these insane amounts of money, real life hard earned(maybe not hard-earned, but still) money on a piece of code that will replace how your digital weapon is displayed to you and other players of a videogame. Yes, I understand, you like the game, you want to support it and the people who made it. You want it to last for long and you don’t want it to go away, that’s great, that’s really a good attitude but…


Guys, please why would anybody pay over 300 American dollars for a virtual weapon “skin”? Isn’t that absurd? Like, just think about it. USD $300 just so you can look at something that looks different than something else while you’re playing a game. You’re not unlocking anything, you’re not getting new levels new game mods you’re not even supporting a cause (not that I know at least), you’re just literally branding changing the way your knife looks in the game.


The funniest thing about this is that all of these knives replicas are available online for like $5. A real knives made using the real materials therefore, material knives, not just skins for video game starting at 60 times lower prices than those virtual ones.

When I mentioned this to some people they were like “yeah but those knives are just for show, they’re not real quality made knives”. Like no shit?! Those are not real? Wow!? I didn’t know that! Because all the knives and Counterstrike are real, right, they’re not for fun and they’re designed specifically for combat situations and made very durable.


You know I don’t swear often but in this one, this post, this way of thinking is just so stupid that it infuriates me. Guys, please if you want to support a game that you love, don’t pay enormous sums of money to companies no matter how much you like them. I love Counterstrike. I absolutely love Valve and Steam but there’s no way in hell and ever going to pay that kind of money for something that’s simply changing and appearance of an item in a virtual world.

Respect the artist made it, respect the developers who developed coders who coded it but 1st of all respect yourself and your hard earned money and do not follow those stupid standards. Remember, just because it’s expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cool.