NBA 2K18 Does it again! Wait, what exactly?

One of my all time favorite games is NBA 2K as I’ve previously told you guys. This year, as well as the year before and the one before that, we got another installment of the 2K series, the NBA 2K18.

Technically, the game is the most advanced one in the franchise, at least it is on the PS4. The controls are done right, they’ve been improved compared to the last years game which already had a very nice and responsive control scheme. However, the PC players have reported a large nmber of bugs, most of which are completely game breaking. That was not the case for me on my Playstation 4 so I can’t really say but the claims of those things happening to hundreds of players are undeniable. Still, in my case, at least the technical aspects of this game are known to be getting better and better every year. Unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that’s been exponentially increasing…


I say unfortunately because what I’m thinking of right now as I write this are the increasingly present influence and restrictions of the VC. VC, or the Virtual Currency has become even more necessary than ever before! Thankfully, I’ve found a way to get locker codes for NBA 2K18 or else I would have been stuck with only the most basic features of character customization. Not even joking.


The joke that is VC


If you want to do as much as to choose one of the stylish hairstyles for your character during his creation, you must pay for that! I mean, we’re not talking about some free to play game where the publisher has to turn in profit by offering you some cool cosmetics or time saver benefits. This is a AAA, fully priced game which (in some cases) may cost you close to 140€. Yes, that is not a typo, this game’s top tier package titled “Legend Edition Gold” will cost you one hundred and fourty euros! But wait, that’s not everything.


If you want to level up your character you will have to rely on “micro”-transactions which may cost you an additional 100€ per transaction. An the worst thing about all of this is that even should you option for the 140€ “Legend Edition Gold” version of the game and went ahead and purchased a VC pack for an additional 100€, you still won’t be able to have everything in the game!


You would have to grind for hours and hours over and over again until you’ve gathered enough VC to get some crappy cosmetic item which you could’ve earned the money for by investing your time in something actually constructive and purchasing it for yourself in real life! What a load of crap, honestly…


To buy or not to buy?

Tough question…

If you love basketball and you’re into NBA, you will love the game. If you don’t love basketball and don’t care for NBA, chances are that you’ll still love this game. It’s a great game (on PS4 at least) but the economy behind it is awful.

My advice? Buy the game but don’t you ever support their ridiculously greedy VC economy. Instead, find and use one of the hacks online that will increase your VC or generated free Locker Codes like I did with the generator. I’ve provided the link above and can guarantee that it works 100% withoug any drawbacks.

Other than that, if you’re actually planning to play this “by the book”, I honestly hope you have either really deep pockets or iron will, dedication and loads of free time to grind endlessly for all the VC that you’ll need.