How Hard are Dark Souls Games?

Dark Souls games are considered one of the most hard-core titles and certainly the most unforgiving franchise of current generation. But is this really the case? Are Dark Souls really that hard or is it simply that people are playing them the wrong way?


Surprisingly, we believe that these games are not that particularly hard. They’ll get us wrong, these games can be really challenging but are also surprisingly fair. Most games will simply give your opponents unfair and godlike powers in order to battle your character which is usually imbalanced and overpowered in the first place. Dark Souls tries to make sure that you are prepared for any kind of challenge ahead by hinting what awaits you further down the path and making it obvious when the boss battle is about to commence with those impossible to miss mist walls. Also, the fact that these games have very much alive multiplayer speaks volumes about how much the game is actually balanced.


There are people who say that it is impossible not to die during a boss encounter and while we agree that boss encounters are very challenging in this game, is that really such a big deal? Are you saying that other games have easy bosses that you usually beat on your first try?

The boss battles are as challenging as boss battles get but perhaps you’ve been taking a wrong approach to these the whole time? For one, it is a multiplayer game and you were able to call for help from other players if you think that there is danger ahead, so make sure you have your humanity restored look for summon signs that will allow you to invite other players into your world.


People also say that the game has a nasty habit of surprising you with cheap traps and ambushes. While it’s true that the game likes to, for example, surprise you with incoming projectiles in a very narrow hallway it is also very true that multiple factors will serve as a warning that such a scenario may follow. Those projectiles wont come out of nowhere and if you look close enough you will spot a triggering mechanism in a form of a pressure plate similar device so, all this rant about the game being unfair kinda comes from not paying attention and playing it recklessly?

And one last thing about this games notorious difficulty. People keep bringing up how you’re going to die a lot. Yes, you most likely are going to die a lot if you are not paying attention but, are you not going to die in other games because they’re better made?

We actually believe that you don’t die that much Dark Souls, we believe that you’re probably going to die much less and Dark Souls if you’re paying attention than in some similar game if you play the same way. As said in the video above, this game handles difficulty rather well but then, why are so many people saying that it’s hard-core and way too hard?


The answer is, of course, the quick save. This game doesn’t have it and that’s why we love it. Quick saving is easily the most popular cheat that PC gamers around the world are taking for granted. This game doesn’t allow you to quick save or to quick load so you are forced to deal with consequences of every bad decision you ever make. It makes your mistakes count, it makes them count for good. Every fail, every death and every miscalculation or reckless action will have a meaning because you cannot undo them with a simple press of a button so, you better think twice before doing something you’re not entirely sure how it can play out because it might just happens that you will die in the process.