Best Phone Game I’ve Ever Played

Another post inspired by my Nintendo Switch experience. Perhaps the thing is more innovative and inspirational than I realized. Ever since I wrote that I had this memory of a game that I played long time ago stuck in my mind for reasons unknown so I decided that I should “put it on paper”

It all began a couple of years ago when I was traveling a lot therefore, spending a lot of time on my smartphone. I will usually browse the market for mobile games that I can play while in transit, a time when I would certainly welcome the idea of a console like Nintendo Switch. It was not long before I came across this title that immediately intrigued me for reasons unknown. I was simply drawn to it and had to tap on this seemingly normal icon for a videogame. As soon as my phone loaded it store page I was pretty sure that I have found a game to my liking.

The game was called Lone Wolf (Joe Delver’s). People kept referring to it as a “game book”and I found out why shortly afterwards. After I run the game I was greeted with a screen which had a single page of a book on it that started writing itself. Shortly after it paused and asked me to make a decision. If you remember correctly it spoke about a warrior who used a specific trait in order to overcome obstacles in his life in the choice was a classic one. Strength, dexterity or intelligence. I chose intelligence, confirmed my selection in the book continued writing itself further asking me more questions about “myself” creating a character to my liking one paragraph at a time.


After the text field the entire page nothing happened. Soon I realized that I was supposed to turn the page in order to progress with the “game”. I was unsure about how you feel about this. Haven’t bothered to read the description of the game too much and I immediately regretted my decision thinking how I might’ve bought something I won’t actually enjoy. I was so very wrong about that last part.

The game continued to tell me a story about a warrior, Lone Wolf who finds his castle in ruins and embarks on a journey to find the cause of it and avenge his brethren. To my surprise, every time there was a decision to be made if the game asked me how I wanted to progress. Depending on how I defined my character at the beginning, different options were available to me. It seems like everything I did was making story progress in a unique way and even though I haven’t replayed it to confirm this it felt amazing.

3D screenshots that I saw on the games store page quickly made sense as I encountered my first enemies. Game shifted from a book to a real-time rendered 3D battlefield with enemies engaging me in a real-time turn-based battle similar to those of Final Fantasy games. Even though I’m not a huge fan of turn-based RPG’s this was surprisingly fun to play.

The story was very engaging because of so many decisions that you are making along the way. It felt real and made me care about my character. The initial feeling of possible regrets was never to be found and I can confirm that I’ve enjoyed this game from beginning to an end. I only wish it lasted for a bit longer.

All recommendations for anybody who likes good writing or RPG games in general and especially to everybody who spends a lot of time in transit on a daily basis.