Why I Didn’t like No Man’s Sky

Well, to be quite honest and very, very much subjective, I personally didn’t like it because it’s a single player game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played an insane number of single player games and I always loved these games, but in No Mans Sky it just feels stupid. Let me try and explain:

First off, if I don’t like something it’s probably being lied to. When NMS was first introduced to us ,it was marketed as a multiplayer game. However from the first moment I thought that there is something fishy about the way they handled every question regarding multiplayer. It felt kinda dodgy, like they really don’t want you to want this game to be a multiplayer experience, yet they never denied that the game is and will have a multiplayer mode. And then this happens:


The game was clearly intended to be a multiplayer experience, (and you may try it for yourself, but at this point I don’t think anyone really cares for this game anymore), yet for some reason they decided to make it a single player game while carrying on with a charade talk. Now obviously multiplayer game is a lot harder to make and without a doubt more time-consuming, but wouldn’t it be better to simply delay the release date in order to deliver every feature that was promised? I think it would, I think it would be much, much better than failing your audience. Now I’m aware that this sounds like a long rant post on a game forum but I assure you, it’s only because of the fact that we are not being given everything that we were promised in the first place.

In the excerpt of this video (starting at 2:40) we can clearly hear that Sean Murray never denied the existence of multiplayer and possibility of meeting another human being while in your game session, however this is exactly what I meant when I said that all the questions were kind of dodged. He is very quick to say how the possibilities of it are extremely small almost like he does not want you to even try and meet another player in the game and focus purely on survival and exploration. He repeats many times how multiplayer is not a focus for their game yet he never denies it’s existence . That right there is why this game won’t work for me.

While I do understand the magnitude of some of this games aspects like the insanely large amounts of planets that you would need hundreds of lifetimes to explore, and the fact that the people behind it have created their own periodic table of elements and basically made an  AI in charge of creating new content. This is all amazing but playing this game without a friend, without another human being ever is a depressing thought. I believe I would much rather install Minecraft, join one of the populated large servers that also feature a world that I’m very unlikely to explore its fullest and proceed to explore as much as possible of it with a friend until I’m burned out and had enough of the game.