My Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Ever since Nintendo’s new console Switch was announced to the public the info spread across the Internet like a plague leaving everybody symptomatic. Those symptomatic have been showing signs of increased hype. Apparently some of us are immune to the whole thing watching it from a safe distance with a dose of indifference. It was strange at first since I too like innovative stuff especially when it gaming related but then it came to me, I was indifferent about it because it was actually nothing new.

Now hear me out. I’m not saying that the console itself is not different than the rest, it was definitely is. It allows for indoor and outdoor play, multiplayer on a single device with a set of very neatly design controllers. It allows for both handheld and full on HD experience on a huge display. It plays all kinds of games like Skyrim or NBA that were never present on a Nintendo system before. This is all very cool and I’m very glad for all the people that are already saying how they are going to buy it on a day one, I truly am but, I just don’t think that it’s that good.

I have a feeling that this console is selling you different ways rather than different games to play. From what the trailer showed this is simply a hybrid of multiple Nintendo systems fused with some third-party software support that can be played on so many different ways. Now this is really cool and all but, do you really go outside to play games? Do you really want to walk your dog just so you can have an excuse to sit down on a bench and play Skyrim? Are you really gonna bring your Nintendo Switch to party and successfully turn it into just another regular afternoon hangout? I don’t think you will and I know I definitely won’t be doing it.

Yeah, playing a game of NBA after a life match of basketball might look cool on an advertisement, but who would actually do such a thing in reality?

It feels like they are trying to sell a cool gimmick masked as new console because there are apparently isn’t anything new about it yet except for the ways you can play and the people are already going crazy about it saying how it’s the best thing that ever happened. But I’m not judging, I’m not saying it’s going to be bad because it probably won’t. I believe Nintendo has learned a lot from Wii U experience and they’re not going to make the same mistake twice so Switch is probably gonna be cool. Going to be. It is not cool yet, at least not cool enough for my standards. Videogame console has to be innovative in so many ways rather than just how you play your games and it has to have at least one exceptional title rather than to just reuse good old games. Once that happens I’ll be sure to give Nintendo Switch a more thorough look.