My Favorite Sports Game?

Recently, after my post about Nintendo Switch where I pointed out how no one would probably bring a handheld console to a recreational basketball game I’ve been asked if I play basketball or NBA. Funny that you guys would ask that.

Actually I’ve been playing basketball for pretty much my entire life. I never thought about going pro because honestly, I’m not that interested in bringing money in the picture of something they truly enjoy doing. Once money gets involved the passion slowly starts to fade away and you start to see it as a chore, as a job and we can all agree that jobs are usually something that were doing out of necessity and not really because we love doing it. Of course, there are exceptions to this as well as anything else in the world but, that’s not what I want to talk about.

Do I play NBA? Yes, I absolutely love playing 2K’s NBA games! I’ve been a fan ever since early 2000’s when the first NBA game was released for the PlayStation 2 (I’m too lazy to search Wikipedia for the exact release date). I remember I used to play it so much back in the day. I remember being with a bunch of friends in my room back at my parents house, all clustered together on the couch watching the TV mesmerized with “realistic graphics”and wondering if video games can ever possibly look better than that. Ah, those are some fond and really silly memories now that I think about them.


Unfortunately I am kind of disappointed with the way NBA franchise is “evolving”. Back in the day it was all about the gameplay. It was all about enjoying the game the way you wanted to but it seems as thou that with each and every next installment the focus is shifting from gameplay to figuring out how to get that VC and Locker Codes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Performing a quick Internet search on how to get free NBA 2K17 VC will return hundreds if not thousands of results of quickest and easiest ways to obtain vc and free locker codes, such as that one.

This is a proof enough for me of how the focus of the game can easily shift from quality gameplay to mindless hours of grinding for resources simply to build the best possible team. Today, this is considered normal and many people are resorting to even cheating just so they can get those things that they wanted to get and you know what, I completely understand them. I’ll even openly admit that I’ve also used the the strategies, glitches and generators that can generate virtual currency for my NBA account because grinding for those is not fun. I believe everyone creased to play the game back in the day will feel the same way I feel about it.

But other than that NBA 2K is still a great game if you’re willing to look past that VC part and focus solely on the game which is more than easy once you generated the coins you’ll need for the rest of the gameplay.