First Game Where You Can Die of Old Age!

Yeah, I know, I was very surprised myself. Actually I’m still very surprised to tell the truth. Surprised and very skeptical about what I’ve heard.

Apparently there are some developers that have been working on this new MMO with an absurd idea that you will, no, scratch that, that EVERYBODY will age and eventually die of old age. What the…

How is that even possible? How does a game like that even work? Why do you play it? What are your goals? Is going to be like a traditional RPG where you grind and grind and grind until you almost have it all just die before you are fulfilled? I’m sorry, it is very hard to wrap my simple mind around a concept like this one.


All jokes aside, this sounds amazing. I’m not particularly fond of massive multiplayer games myself (though I won’t deny that I’ve had my fair share of those RPG’s) this is still something to look forward to, even out of pure curiosity. I mean, games are everyday thing and MMO’s are not exactly new. There have been so many different ones but the most of them eventually happened to be exactly like the last one and the last one was just exactly like the one before it and then you realize that they’re all actually trying to clone World of Warcraft more or less.


However, Chronicles of Elyria developers seem to have their minds set on something entirely different. You can freaking die of old age in this game, okay?! It can happen, it will happen and it’s going to keep happening over and over again making it a key mechanics of the game. No wonder that a concept like this is going to be focal points of an entire game, I mean it is fascinating even to think about.


Still I can’t help but think how boring and repetitive that can get…

Apparently your life cycle will last around two months more or less, and during that time you will have to make sure that you have an heir. The heir will serve as your next “vessel”so to say (when I say your, I’m actually talking about you, not your character) and depending on what and how much you tough him (or her), he will get specific starting skills. That actually sounds cool but I can’t help but still be pessimistic about it.

Something as bold and innovative as this can either exceed every expectation or fail miserably. Now, the developers weren’t really specific about what kind of consequences your character’s death will have and we might end up with the classic RPG where you get to re-customize your character’s appearance every two months or so but, let’s hope that’s not the case though we shouldn’t completely rule it out either.

During my life as a gamer I’ve heard about many crazy attempts to redefine certain videogame genres but this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to massive multiplayer role-playing games. It is definitely too early to speculate about anything, even more early to praise or condemn it and, it is by no means a reason to get hyped about even though I know that is exactly what most people are going to do right now.