NBA 2K18 Does it again! Wait, what exactly?

One of my all time favorite games is NBA 2K as I’ve previously told you guys. This year, as well as the year before and the one before that, we got another installment of the 2K series, the NBA 2K18.

Technically, the game is the most advanced one in the franchise, at least it is on the PS4. The controls are done right, they’ve been improved compared to the last years game which already had a very nice and responsive control scheme. However, the PC players have reported a large nmber of bugs, most of which are completely game breaking. That was not the case for me on my Playstation 4 so I can’t really say but the claims of those things happening to hundreds of players are undeniable. Still, in my case, at least the technical aspects of this game are known to be getting better and better every year. Unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that’s been exponentially increasing…


I say unfortunately because what I’m thinking of right now as I write this are the increasingly present influence and restrictions of the VC. VC, or the Virtual Currency has become even more necessary than ever before! Thankfully, I’ve found a way to get locker codes for NBA 2K18 or else I would have been stuck with only the most basic features of character customization. Not even joking.


The joke that is VC


If you want to do as much as to choose one of the stylish hairstyles for your character during his creation, you must pay for that! I mean, we’re not talking about some free to play game where the publisher has to turn in profit by offering you some cool cosmetics or time saver benefits. This is a AAA, fully priced game which (in some cases) may cost you close to 140€. Yes, that is not a typo, this game’s top tier package titled “Legend Edition Gold” will cost you one hundred and fourty euros! But wait, that’s not everything.


If you want to level up your character you will have to rely on “micro”-transactions which may cost you an additional 100€ per transaction. An the worst thing about all of this is that even should you option for the 140€ “Legend Edition Gold” version of the game and went ahead and purchased a VC pack for an additional 100€, you still won’t be able to have everything in the game!


You would have to grind for hours and hours over and over again until you’ve gathered enough VC to get some crappy cosmetic item which you could’ve earned the money for by investing your time in something actually constructive and purchasing it for yourself in real life! What a load of crap, honestly…


To buy or not to buy?

Tough question…

If you love basketball and you’re into NBA, you will love the game. If you don’t love basketball and don’t care for NBA, chances are that you’ll still love this game. It’s a great game (on PS4 at least) but the economy behind it is awful.

My advice? Buy the game but don’t you ever support their ridiculously greedy VC economy. Instead, find and use one of the hacks online that will increase your VC or generated free Locker Codes like I did with the generator. I’ve provided the link above and can guarantee that it works 100% withoug any drawbacks.

Other than that, if you’re actually planning to play this “by the book”, I honestly hope you have either really deep pockets or iron will, dedication and loads of free time to grind endlessly for all the VC that you’ll need.


How Hard are Dark Souls Games?

Dark Souls games are considered one of the most hard-core titles and certainly the most unforgiving franchise of current generation. But is this really the case? Are Dark Souls really that hard or is it simply that people are playing them the wrong way?


Surprisingly, we believe that these games are not that particularly hard. They’ll get us wrong, these games can be really challenging but are also surprisingly fair. Most games will simply give your opponents unfair and godlike powers in order to battle your character which is usually imbalanced and overpowered in the first place. Dark Souls tries to make sure that you are prepared for any kind of challenge ahead by hinting what awaits you further down the path and making it obvious when the boss battle is about to commence with those impossible to miss mist walls. Also, the fact that these games have very much alive multiplayer speaks volumes about how much the game is actually balanced.


There are people who say that it is impossible not to die during a boss encounter and while we agree that boss encounters are very challenging in this game, is that really such a big deal? Are you saying that other games have easy bosses that you usually beat on your first try?

The boss battles are as challenging as boss battles get but perhaps you’ve been taking a wrong approach to these the whole time? For one, it is a multiplayer game and you were able to call for help from other players if you think that there is danger ahead, so make sure you have your humanity restored look for summon signs that will allow you to invite other players into your world.


People also say that the game has a nasty habit of surprising you with cheap traps and ambushes. While it’s true that the game likes to, for example, surprise you with incoming projectiles in a very narrow hallway it is also very true that multiple factors will serve as a warning that such a scenario may follow. Those projectiles wont come out of nowhere and if you look close enough you will spot a triggering mechanism in a form of a pressure plate similar device so, all this rant about the game being unfair kinda comes from not paying attention and playing it recklessly?

And one last thing about this games notorious difficulty. People keep bringing up how you’re going to die a lot. Yes, you most likely are going to die a lot if you are not paying attention but, are you not going to die in other games because they’re better made?

We actually believe that you don’t die that much Dark Souls, we believe that you’re probably going to die much less and Dark Souls if you’re paying attention than in some similar game if you play the same way. As said in the video above, this game handles difficulty rather well but then, why are so many people saying that it’s hard-core and way too hard?


The answer is, of course, the quick save. This game doesn’t have it and that’s why we love it. Quick saving is easily the most popular cheat that PC gamers around the world are taking for granted. This game doesn’t allow you to quick save or to quick load so you are forced to deal with consequences of every bad decision you ever make. It makes your mistakes count, it makes them count for good. Every fail, every death and every miscalculation or reckless action will have a meaning because you cannot undo them with a simple press of a button so, you better think twice before doing something you’re not entirely sure how it can play out because it might just happens that you will die in the process.


Best Phone Game I’ve Ever Played

Another post inspired by my Nintendo Switch experience. Perhaps the thing is more innovative and inspirational than I realized. Ever since I wrote that I had this memory of a game that I played long time ago stuck in my mind for reasons unknown so I decided that I should “put it on paper”

It all began a couple of years ago when I was traveling a lot therefore, spending a lot of time on my smartphone. I will usually browse the market for mobile games that I can play while in transit, a time when I would certainly welcome the idea of a console like Nintendo Switch. It was not long before I came across this title that immediately intrigued me for reasons unknown. I was simply drawn to it and had to tap on this seemingly normal icon for a videogame. As soon as my phone loaded it store page I was pretty sure that I have found a game to my liking.

The game was called Lone Wolf (Joe Delver’s). People kept referring to it as a “game book”and I found out why shortly afterwards. After I run the game I was greeted with a screen which had a single page of a book on it that started writing itself. Shortly after it paused and asked me to make a decision. If you remember correctly it spoke about a warrior who used a specific trait in order to overcome obstacles in his life in the choice was a classic one. Strength, dexterity or intelligence. I chose intelligence, confirmed my selection in the book continued writing itself further asking me more questions about “myself” creating a character to my liking one paragraph at a time.


After the text field the entire page nothing happened. Soon I realized that I was supposed to turn the page in order to progress with the “game”. I was unsure about how you feel about this. Haven’t bothered to read the description of the game too much and I immediately regretted my decision thinking how I might’ve bought something I won’t actually enjoy. I was so very wrong about that last part.

The game continued to tell me a story about a warrior, Lone Wolf who finds his castle in ruins and embarks on a journey to find the cause of it and avenge his brethren. To my surprise, every time there was a decision to be made if the game asked me how I wanted to progress. Depending on how I defined my character at the beginning, different options were available to me. It seems like everything I did was making story progress in a unique way and even though I haven’t replayed it to confirm this it felt amazing.

3D screenshots that I saw on the games store page quickly made sense as I encountered my first enemies. Game shifted from a book to a real-time rendered 3D battlefield with enemies engaging me in a real-time turn-based battle similar to those of Final Fantasy games. Even though I’m not a huge fan of turn-based RPG’s this was surprisingly fun to play.

The story was very engaging because of so many decisions that you are making along the way. It felt real and made me care about my character. The initial feeling of possible regrets was never to be found and I can confirm that I’ve enjoyed this game from beginning to an end. I only wish it lasted for a bit longer.

All recommendations for anybody who likes good writing or RPG games in general and especially to everybody who spends a lot of time in transit on a daily basis.

Prices of Skins in Videogames

Undoubtedly there is no gamer who didn’t get a glimpse off digital goodies sold in various online games. Recently though they’re even trying to sell digital goods, and I use the term goods very loosely here in single player games, like the recent Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which deliberately tries to sell cheats. Like, I’m fine with people cheating in games but for Christ sakes ask money for cheats, just put them in a game like in good old days.


I’m leaning off topic this is not what I’m here to talk about today, what really bugs me and what I would like to point out in case anybody cares are those digital items which are present in pretty much every modern multiplayer or MMO game, specifically I would like to talk about Counterstrike: Global Operation and its weapon skins.

I was surprised and shocked both when I realized that there are people who are actually willing to pay these insane amounts of money, real life hard earned(maybe not hard-earned, but still) money on a piece of code that will replace how your digital weapon is displayed to you and other players of a videogame. Yes, I understand, you like the game, you want to support it and the people who made it. You want it to last for long and you don’t want it to go away, that’s great, that’s really a good attitude but…


Guys, please why would anybody pay over 300 American dollars for a virtual weapon “skin”? Isn’t that absurd? Like, just think about it. USD $300 just so you can look at something that looks different than something else while you’re playing a game. You’re not unlocking anything, you’re not getting new levels new game mods you’re not even supporting a cause (not that I know at least), you’re just literally branding changing the way your knife looks in the game.


The funniest thing about this is that all of these knives replicas are available online for like $5. A real knives made using the real materials therefore, material knives, not just skins for video game starting at 60 times lower prices than those virtual ones.

When I mentioned this to some people they were like “yeah but those knives are just for show, they’re not real quality made knives”. Like no shit?! Those are not real? Wow!? I didn’t know that! Because all the knives and Counterstrike are real, right, they’re not for fun and they’re designed specifically for combat situations and made very durable.


You know I don’t swear often but in this one, this post, this way of thinking is just so stupid that it infuriates me. Guys, please if you want to support a game that you love, don’t pay enormous sums of money to companies no matter how much you like them. I love Counterstrike. I absolutely love Valve and Steam but there’s no way in hell and ever going to pay that kind of money for something that’s simply changing and appearance of an item in a virtual world.

Respect the artist made it, respect the developers who developed coders who coded it but 1st of all respect yourself and your hard earned money and do not follow those stupid standards. Remember, just because it’s expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cool.



My Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Ever since Nintendo’s new console Switch was announced to the public the info spread across the Internet like a plague leaving everybody symptomatic. Those symptomatic have been showing signs of increased hype. Apparently some of us are immune to the whole thing watching it from a safe distance with a dose of indifference. It was strange at first since I too like innovative stuff especially when it gaming related but then it came to me, I was indifferent about it because it was actually nothing new.

Now hear me out. I’m not saying that the console itself is not different than the rest, it was definitely is. It allows for indoor and outdoor play, multiplayer on a single device with a set of very neatly design controllers. It allows for both handheld and full on HD experience on a huge display. It plays all kinds of games like Skyrim or NBA that were never present on a Nintendo system before. This is all very cool and I’m very glad for all the people that are already saying how they are going to buy it on a day one, I truly am but, I just don’t think that it’s that good.

I have a feeling that this console is selling you different ways rather than different games to play. From what the trailer showed this is simply a hybrid of multiple Nintendo systems fused with some third-party software support that can be played on so many different ways. Now this is really cool and all but, do you really go outside to play games? Do you really want to walk your dog just so you can have an excuse to sit down on a bench and play Skyrim? Are you really gonna bring your Nintendo Switch to party and successfully turn it into just another regular afternoon hangout? I don’t think you will and I know I definitely won’t be doing it.

Yeah, playing a game of NBA after a life match of basketball might look cool on an advertisement, but who would actually do such a thing in reality?

It feels like they are trying to sell a cool gimmick masked as new console because there are apparently isn’t anything new about it yet except for the ways you can play and the people are already going crazy about it saying how it’s the best thing that ever happened. But I’m not judging, I’m not saying it’s going to be bad because it probably won’t. I believe Nintendo has learned a lot from Wii U experience and they’re not going to make the same mistake twice so Switch is probably gonna be cool. Going to be. It is not cool yet, at least not cool enough for my standards. Videogame console has to be innovative in so many ways rather than just how you play your games and it has to have at least one exceptional title rather than to just reuse good old games. Once that happens I’ll be sure to give Nintendo Switch a more thorough look.


My Favorite Sports Game?

Recently, after my post about Nintendo Switch where I pointed out how no one would probably bring a handheld console to a recreational basketball game I’ve been asked if I play basketball or NBA. Funny that you guys would ask that.

Actually I’ve been playing basketball for pretty much my entire life. I never thought about going pro because honestly, I’m not that interested in bringing money in the picture of something they truly enjoy doing. Once money gets involved the passion slowly starts to fade away and you start to see it as a chore, as a job and we can all agree that jobs are usually something that were doing out of necessity and not really because we love doing it. Of course, there are exceptions to this as well as anything else in the world but, that’s not what I want to talk about.

Do I play NBA? Yes, I absolutely love playing 2K’s NBA games! I’ve been a fan ever since early 2000’s when the first NBA game was released for the PlayStation 2 (I’m too lazy to search Wikipedia for the exact release date). I remember I used to play it so much back in the day. I remember being with a bunch of friends in my room back at my parents house, all clustered together on the couch watching the TV mesmerized with “realistic graphics”and wondering if video games can ever possibly look better than that. Ah, those are some fond and really silly memories now that I think about them.


Unfortunately I am kind of disappointed with the way NBA franchise is “evolving”. Back in the day it was all about the gameplay. It was all about enjoying the game the way you wanted to but it seems as thou that with each and every next installment the focus is shifting from gameplay to figuring out how to get that VC and Locker Codes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Performing a quick Internet search on how to get free NBA 2K17 VC will return hundreds if not thousands of results of quickest and easiest ways to obtain vc and free locker codes, such as that one.

This is a proof enough for me of how the focus of the game can easily shift from quality gameplay to mindless hours of grinding for resources simply to build the best possible team. Today, this is considered normal and many people are resorting to even cheating just so they can get those things that they wanted to get and you know what, I completely understand them. I’ll even openly admit that I’ve also used the the strategies, glitches and generators that can generate virtual currency for my NBA account because grinding for those is not fun. I believe everyone creased to play the game back in the day will feel the same way I feel about it.

But other than that NBA 2K is still a great game if you’re willing to look past that VC part and focus solely on the game which is more than easy once you generated the coins you’ll need for the rest of the gameplay.

Why I Didn’t like No Man’s Sky

Well, to be quite honest and very, very much subjective, I personally didn’t like it because it’s a single player game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played an insane number of single player games and I always loved these games, but in No Mans Sky it just feels stupid. Let me try and explain:

First off, if I don’t like something it’s probably being lied to. When NMS was first introduced to us ,it was marketed as a multiplayer game. However from the first moment I thought that there is something fishy about the way they handled every question regarding multiplayer. It felt kinda dodgy, like they really don’t want you to want this game to be a multiplayer experience, yet they never denied that the game is and will have a multiplayer mode. And then this happens:


The game was clearly intended to be a multiplayer experience, (and you may try it for yourself, but at this point I don’t think anyone really cares for this game anymore), yet for some reason they decided to make it a single player game while carrying on with a charade talk. Now obviously multiplayer game is a lot harder to make and without a doubt more time-consuming, but wouldn’t it be better to simply delay the release date in order to deliver every feature that was promised? I think it would, I think it would be much, much better than failing your audience. Now I’m aware that this sounds like a long rant post on a game forum but I assure you, it’s only because of the fact that we are not being given everything that we were promised in the first place.

In the excerpt of this video (starting at 2:40) we can clearly hear that Sean Murray never denied the existence of multiplayer and possibility of meeting another human being while in your game session, however this is exactly what I meant when I said that all the questions were kind of dodged. He is very quick to say how the possibilities of it are extremely small almost like he does not want you to even try and meet another player in the game and focus purely on survival and exploration. He repeats many times how multiplayer is not a focus for their game yet he never denies it’s existence . That right there is why this game won’t work for me.

While I do understand the magnitude of some of this games aspects like the insanely large amounts of planets that you would need hundreds of lifetimes to explore, and the fact that the people behind it have created their own periodic table of elements and basically made an  AI in charge of creating new content. This is all amazing but playing this game without a friend, without another human being ever is a depressing thought. I believe I would much rather install Minecraft, join one of the populated large servers that also feature a world that I’m very unlikely to explore its fullest and proceed to explore as much as possible of it with a friend until I’m burned out and had enough of the game.